Types of car covers and seat covers: All weather outdoor cover

 Not all car covers are the same. So if you want to take maximum care of your vehicle because you are one of those drivers who like their car to be in perfect condition always, both outside and inside, surely the all weather outdoor covers for the car cannot be missing among the accessories for your vehicle And they are, without a doubt, the best accessory so that the upholstery of the car is protected at all times. And it is that for all those who wonder what benefits can have the simple fact of using covers for the seats of the car it is possible to say that they are several and some quite remarkable. First of all, thanks to the car covers, we can give a different look to the interior of the vehicle for little money.

Types of covers for car seats

Standard or Universal

On the one hand we find the covers for the standard or universal car seats. It is a type of cover that fits most vehicles and usually has a fairly competitive price. They are characterized by being in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles. They are models that usually have a very fast assembly and that maintain safety standards since they are always compatible with the airbags that the car has.

Custom covers

Beyond the standard covers that are the most used, the truth is that you can also find a series of covers for the car seats that are completely customization. In order to have a cover of these characteristics you must have the exact measurements of the seats. The advantages of this type of options is that they offer an impeccable appearance, since they fit perfectly to the dimensions of the seats in question, in addition to also better adjusting to the different elements of the vehicle, such as headrests or airbags, something Especially important if we consider that there are cars that have a side airbag that needs a cover designed exclusively for them.

In any case, both the standard and custom size covers will give you the option of giving your vehicle a new look, as well as taking care of its interior, keeping it in perfect condition for a much longer period of time. So it is an ideal option if you are concerned about the look and safety of your car.

Baby seat covers

You will also find covers for car seats designed for babies. It is a type of covers and mats that you can find in the market and are ideal to keep the upholstery of your vehicle in perfect condition. In addition they can also become the perfect allies to fight the hot summers or to keep the upholstery of your baby carrier or car seat in good condition, offering maximum comfort and freshness for your baby in summer.

Types of car covers

The all weather outdoor cover are the ideal option if what we are trying is to protect the vehicle from the external effects of cold or heat. This is something that will extend the life of the vehicle and it is extremely important to choose a suitable case since not all of them will be equally effective. For example, in order for them to be, you will have to guarantee protection from sunlight or extreme cold. In addition, when choosing an all weather outdoor cover for the car, the installation and removal system they present and that is simple and intuitive is extremely important.

By materials

Within the market of car covers you can find a wide variety of covers of different materials, and it is important to consider all of them especially if you want to make an investment in this regard, since the durability of the case will depend on the type of material with which it is made to a large extent. Well, on the one hand you can find covers made of plastic. In principle, these types of covers are the most economical, they are characterized because they do not take the shape of the car and usually last very shortly. It can also end up causing damage to the vehicle in the event that the car gets very hot due to the incidence of the sun.

Textile covers have many more options. They are usually made with fabrics that can be very light or heavy and the treatments they may have received are also disparate. For example, they can have treatments against UV rays, which are waterproof, repelling water and moisture, etc. This is a series of aspects that would eventually determine the price of the case in question as well as its durability.

Size and support

With regard to the size and the support that the all weather outdoor cover for the car usually present, it can be said that they are usually in different sizes that will allow it to adapt to the vehicle’s own size. It is recommended to choose a measure larger than that of the car so that it can be fully adapted to the shape of the vehicle.

Also in the market, many models can be found that also include a space that allows a total adaptation to the shape of the mirrors so that the protection they are able to offer is even greater. The key in this type of covers for your correct choice is to verify that it has excellent quality elastic edges that allow you to completely cover the car and in turn be well secured, something that will also facilitate the process of placing the cover itself.

Storage and cleaning

As for the type of storage that these covers have, it is worth mentioning that the way in which they are to be stored is no other than folding it as if it were the bed comforter, so at least it is advisable to choose a model that already has a travel bag so you can store the case there and store it so that when you need it again you just have to take it out and cover your car again to protect it from external elements. As for the cleaning of the all weather outdoor covers, there are those that allow cleaning the most persistent stains without having to wash completely, something that will be important to consider before buying because it is an important aspect to consider.

Small covers

There are various types of car covers on the market and among them are the smallest ones that only cover the windshield and work most of the time as a sun visor. The advantage of these covers is that they allow you to protect the visibility of the vehicle when inclement weather breaks.

In addition, these types of covers do not require as much installation time nor need to be folded to store them properly. You can also find in the market covers for the interior of the car, a special model if you have pets and carry them in the back seat of the car. In this way you will be able to protect the upholstery from possible scratches, body fluids, hairs, etc. This type of covers usually has an easy maintenance, since you just have to shake them and remove the stains with some cleaning product and that’s it.


Although you may think otherwise, the truth is that not all car covers available in the market are waterproof. It will all depend on the type of case material you choose, so it is very important to really identify if you are purchasing a waterproof case from a waterproof case since it is not the same.

And it is that while the waterproof case is a model to which the water does not damage it made in some type of fabric allows water to filter; The truth is that the waterproof case does have waterproof properties so you will be sure to find your vehicle dry after the rain. So you should keep this in mind because it will help you choose your case, as much or more as the comments and opinions of other users so that you have their opinions as references.